Overall Dinner Bib
Overall Dinner Bib
Overall Dinner Bib
Overall Dinner Bib
Overall Dinner Bib


Overall Dinner Bib

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Overall Dinner Bib


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The dinner bib is inspired by the classic baby overalls and opens in the front with buttons, thus the name Overall Bib.

The material for our Overall Bib has been carefully selected to ensure it is comfortable for children and easy to clean. It is extremely robust and resistant to oil, grease, and food colors. It is dishwasher safe, and easily cleaned with soap & water.

Designed & made in Denmark, it is made of a material called TPU, similar to silicone, but is better for the environment, as it is both developed and can be disposed of/recycled in a better way than silicone. TPU is durable, non-toxic, 100% recyclable, and biodegradable and of course, 100% BPA and phthalate free.

The bib has a practical collection pocket at the front to collect leftover food and spare the baby's clothes as much as possible to make sure more of the baby's food ends up in their mouth rather than on the floor.

Further, the bib has been adapted to the child's anatomy so they can move their arms freely while still fitting nicely around the baby's tummy and has a narrow shape at the armpits for freedom of movement.

The opening has been placed at the front of the bib to avoid hair or clothes getting caught, and it can be easily adjusted in three different sizes to fit little ones perfectly.

The front pocket is designed to be soft enough to be pressed between the child and the table and hard enough not to bend and spill fluids when lifted.

Little Wares Thoughts: Another long, but important description. We selected this dinner bib after falling in love with silicone bibs for mealtimes. Upon further research, we were really bummed to find that one very popular brand of silicone bibs don't actually make 100% silicone bibs that are recyclable. We also couldn't stand other competitors with floppy pockets that not only didn't catch food & liquid but just made mealtime even more messy! Then entered the BIBS bib. We love it for all of the above reasons-- everything from the design to the materials is intentionally made with the environment & our children in mind. 

In our minimalist household, we found that having two bibs was plenty for one child, so we could wash one (AKA leave the dirty bib from breakfast in the sink for later) and use one (have a fresh one at lunchtime so we can continue to postpone washing dishes). Obviously, if you are a multi-kid household, you might need more. We also love that these are easily adjustable, meaning you can use one bib from the beginning until it's not needed anymore, and then recycle it or pass it along to another little one.