Hi! I’m Kristin.

The little one climbing on my back is my three year old son, Marco.

Not unlike many other parents out there, becoming a mom awakened this internal desire to be better, in every way.

I had this overwhelming desire to not only teach my son how to be kind to our planet, its people and animals, but to truly show him how to do so, too. I want to be a mindful parent, one who uses gentle methods and is intentional with my time-- as well as the things we spend our time doing, wearing, or playing with.

This small store fills the void that I found when shopping for the clothing, toys and products we use for our family everyday. You will notice a few unique things about our selection:

It is genderless. I've always felt strongly that children are beautiful in all of the colors of the rainbow, and there really isn't any good reason that boys and girls should have to wear different colors or play with different toys because of it.

It is mindful of the environment. We have no excuse not to do everything in our power to innovate, recycle and reuse so that we can save our planet before it's too late. We only carry brands that we feel are doing their part, too.

It is mindful of the people making and using it. It is not enough to be mindful of the planet. Our selection is made with your little one's health and safety in mind, as well as that of the people making and handling these items. Our brands ensure ethical workplaces, treatment and pay of all the employees involved in the creation of their products.

It is intentional. Every item for sale is carefully selected for a reason. We believe in minimalism, and therefore feel it is of the highest importance that the items you invest in should be the best quality, give you the most use, and last longer than anything like it. Every item is paired with our "Little Wares Thoughts" that provides helpful information on how to best utilize each item, or explain more about why we offer it for sale.

I hope that you find value in the information and products that Little Wares has to offer, and that you give yourself a pat on the back for doing better for your little one, the planet, and everyone on it by supporting these brands.

With deepest gratitude,



When you shop Little Wares

You will always find


We only carry brands that are doing their part to be mindful of the environment. Using primarily natural and organic materials, we only use synthetics when absolutely necessary.


Little Ones look great in every color. They can also play with any toy. We believe gender stereotypes have no place in the world if we want to raise strong, empowered, creative children.


Everything is picked intentionally, so that you can buy less but get more out of it. Our products are recommended for a reason and backed with descriptions for you to maximize its usage.


People matter, too. Our products are made with the highest regard for the safety and health of our Little Ones, but also the ones manufacturing and producing them.

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