Glass Baby Bottle Complete Set
Glass Baby Bottle Complete Set
Glass Baby Bottle Complete Set
Glass Baby Bottle Complete Set
Glass Baby Bottle Complete Set


Glass Baby Bottle Complete Set

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Size:8 oz
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Glass Baby Bottle Complete Set

Sage / 8 oz

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Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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This baby bottle is carefully designed for babies and parents. The bottle is designed with the child’s needs in mind and is made of borosilicate glass, which is temperature- and thermal shock-resistant, and durable. It does not emit microplastics into the milk like its plastic counterparts.

The slow-flow nipple is made of the same natural rubber latex that the BIBS pacifiers are. All components of the bottle & nipple are entirely 100% food-grade, safe material.

This set contains:

  • Glass bottle in either 4 oz or 8 oz size
  • Cap
  • 1 nipple (slow flow)
  • Milk Lock: for hygienic storage. it can be placed under the screwcap & cap. This ensures no spilled milk when you are on the go!
  • Screwcap
  • Foldable funnel: this funnel makes it easy for you to pour in formula or milk into the bottle without worrying about spillage

Cleaning instructions:

Before first use, disassemble and clean the product by placing all components in boiling water for 5 min. to ensure hygiene.

The latex nipple must be cleaned and sterilized before each use:

  • Put the nipple in a clean bowl. Pour boiling water over the nipple
  • Let it soak for approx. 5 min.
  • Pick it up and let it dry on a clean towel
DO NOT use microwave sterilizing or cleaning products or even dishwasher as it will break down the natural rubber latex. Renew the nipple after using it for 4-6 weeks for safety and hygiene reasons. Please do not leave the nipple in direct sun.
*The glass bottle alone can be microwaved but not any other component.


Little Wares Thoughts: This is the bottle set of our dreams. Plastic bottles are an obvious no, and the alternative silicone insert-into-plastic-frame bottles were just so much work to clean and put together and hold steady when trying to pour in milk/formula. So we went back to the basics on this and chose glass. We love that these can be used for storage as well as for drinking. The funnel means that you can easily pre-pour your formula, or directly pour what you've just pumped into the bottle (instead of messing around with plastic baggies!). 

Don't forget to add bottle sleeve to go with it!