There Is No Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothing.

There Is No Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothing.

Thoughts on getting outside, despite the weather.
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My sister who lives in Germany has reminded me of this often. I fall victim to the excuse of staying cooped up inside because of "bad weather" more than i'd like to admit, while my city-dwelling, car-less sister is sending me pictures of her son bundled up like Randy in A Christmas Story (see reference here), ready to play outside or head to school.

As much as I hate to admit it, she's right. You have everything to gain from taking your kid outside in less-than-perfect-weather, and little to lose. 

Here's why it's so great to get outside, regardless of the weather:

1. It actually takes a lot more brainpower for your kid than you realize. The process of considering the weather, considering what to wear for said weather, physically and correctly dressing yourself for said weather and then getting outside to experience it is a process. Try not to takeover, just let your child lead. It's actually teaching them about important everyday habits that they will one day also need to do themselves. 

2. Once you're outside, it's a new world to explore. Think about it, if your child is all too familiar with their environment from playing during perfect, sunny days, then you have an opportunity to explore it in other conditions. Think of questions to heighten their curiosity, like: Where do the animals go when it's raining? Where does the ground dip low and accumulate water for puddle-jumping? Can you find any tracks or footprints in the snow? What happens when we hold the snow in our bare hands for too long? 

3. No matter how short lived your journey outdoors ends up being, it's still a time-consuming activity. And on days you're otherwise stuck inside, it's a nice break from the chaos of, well, being stuck inside with your kid! 

All that effort is tiring. Brain power + physical activity + inclement weather = tired kids. And let's be honest, we all love a tired kid. So help inspire your kid to love the outdoors and all of its ever-changing weather and remember, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. 

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